Get To Know the Core Products of Digital Platform for Business Purposes

There are many platforms that you can use to support the company's business success. From mobile innovation to advanced competitive products are available to achieve good productivity for businesses. If you want to increase business success, use digital platform software for your business. Therefore, here are several platforms you need to consider.

Digital Based Platform For Business


There are many ways you can do to get business success. One of them utilizes sophisticated digital media. It is essential to help you in managing your business. With digital methods, your sales success will increase. To support your business running smoothly, use the platform with the SAP Fiori product.

Thanks to this platform, you can make the maximum contribution to your business. SAP Fiori is an excellent platform helpful in displaying simple software design files. Companies often choose this product to provide an easy access platform. So, users can access it via a variety of devices – desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

2. SCP (SAP Cloud Platform)

As the name suggests, SCP is an advanced SAP Cloud Digital Platform. Compared to other products, this product is a platform you can rely on to accelerate digital transformation in your company. With SCP, companies do not need additional infrastructure. This platform will support companies to achieve excellent and optimal digital innovation according to their needs.


Do you want to give the best results for your business? If so, try to use the MENDIX platform as a solution. It is a sophisticated means of digital transformation in your business to the fullest. You can use the MENDIX Platform in developing a digital business. Through this platform, you can ensure that the company runs optimally.

In addition, through the MENDIX platform, enterprises can test, deploy, build and reset applications easily and quickly. Unlike the previous products, this is also a simple Low-Code Platform. For this reason, the MENDIX platform helps build mobile applications with very minimal coding.

4. DSI

The DSI digital platform is a unique formula that calculates your average time. It is essential to contribute to a company or business to turn inventory from a business stock into sales. In other words, the company can fluctuate well and effectively. You can use this platform according to season and other factors for business.

All in all, you can use digital products available at Soltius agency. With the best service, you can adjust to the needs of your company and business. Having sophisticated settings and designs, you can customize the use of the platform. As a result, you can maximize your business and grow well.

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